Home of The Maestra

Scarier than a 14 year old Somalian with an AK47

Flooze circa 2010


Aka The Leicester Governess.

I have been a professional sadist and disciplinarian for 18 years and my reputation often preceeds me.

I am proudly sadistic! Not sensually sadistic, not quite sadistic, not softly sadistic but the sort of sadist you should run away from.

Six foot (barefoot) Dominant dyke. I am The Boss, of myself and those around me, it comes naturally.

Currently accepting new clients, if you wish to session with me you will have to email me at governess@protonmail.com.

I don’t really care whether you are a masochist, survivalist, submissive, slave, adventurer, adrenaline seeker, bottom, whatever, I do not require your devotion or submission to me in order to do what I do.

I don’t need to adopt a persona or enter into roleplay to get into the mind-set, this is as natural and real to me as breathing! I don’t have anything to prove, I know what I am and so do those who have met me.

I won’t ever stop just because it hurts you – I want it to hurt – I need it to hurt – I seek & savour the moments when I hurt you!

You only get one shot, fuck me about and you will never get a second chance with me!


I conduct my sessions in a private location in Leicestershire.

Discipline Sessions: My office is well equipped with a traditional vaulting horse, various caning benches, absolutely loads of leather implements, whips, canes and even an authentic sjambok. My otk hand spankings are legendary and it has been posited by many that I may just be one of the hardest hand spankers in the world. I do not cater to nervous novices – my discipline sessions are very much a reflection of the schooling and discipline I had and in that world if you broke the rules, you were punished – there was no catering to nerves or newness – only the correction of misdeed. If you broke the rules, you got punished! I will see novices but beware that I will treat you the same way as a seasoned miscreant.

I’m not an amateur and I am extremely skilled with my implements of correction which means I am capable of tempering my strokes and increasing or decreasing the severity as I see fit. I am also extremely accurate and take a great deal of pride in landing strokes equally, evenly and as straight as can be across both bottom cheeks. I enjoy Headmistress roleplay and Domestic Discipline roleplay and am happy to work with you to create a truly memorable experience for us both.

Sadism Sessions:

I am a very creative sadist and specialise in coming up with innovative ways to make you experience unbelievable levels of pain without leaving a single mark on you. I am passionate about pain, in all it’s glorious varieties and I can guarantee that if it is something that hurts you – I will enjoy doing it and get a kick from seeing you suffer. I am skilled with needles, hooks, play piercings, scalpel work, infibulation, branding, fear play, breathplay, knife play, exsanguination, punching, slapping, ball busting, interrogation, psychological torture and a whole host of ultraviolent delights. I do not post many pictures or videos of my sadistic work for obvious legal reasons but it’s fair to say there isn’t much I haven’t done.