I am proudly sadistic.
Not sensually sadistic, not quite sadistic, not softly sadistic but the sort of sadist you should run away from!

I have it from reliable sources that I am charming, erudite, refined and spectacular to behold – so, not your average psycho-nutter. Standing at 6ft in my bare nylons, and being rather arresting in both carriage & visage, I command attention with ease.

When you encounter me, you will suffer and you will suffer because I am a true artist when it comes to delivering pain. You will suffer because it pleases me and the sound of my laugh as you scream thrills you more than life itself.
You will suffer because some people need anguish and torment to make it beautiful to live!

I don’t really care whether you are a masochist, survivalist, submissive, slave, adventurer, adrenaline seeker, whatever, I do not require your devotion or submission to me in order to transform you into a living canvas for my beautiful art of pain.

I don’t need to adopt a persona or enter into role-playto get into the mind-set, this is as natural and real to me as breathing & such fun! I couldn’t possibly describe it darlings…you have to be there.

I won’t ever stop just because it hurts you – I want it to hurt –
I need it to hurt – I seek & savour the moments when I hurt you!

Based in Leicester, United Kingdom
Email: morgan@maestramorgan.com
Call: 07756910337

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  1. by Simironk8

    Do you cater to women

  2. by slave1299

    Hi maestra. It’s slave George.

  3. by kickmyballsblue

    Do you enjoy torturing men’s balls ? kicks ? ball crushers ? humblrs ?

    if so …then I think a session is in order!*

    *I know I will regret this

  4. by ukslaveboy

    can I come and be filmed please.

  5. by rambo55

    What can I say, I don’t have any scenario, just to be suffering for you is more than enough, as you say this is about you not me, you do as you see fit, all these so called subs, please do this, please do that, a true sub does not have any say in what happens, comes to you and accepts what ever you do

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