Based in Leicester, UK. Email:
Call: 07756910337

Cigarette/ashtray torture
Suspension (with hooks)
Sensory deprivation
Boot worship
Predicament pain
Stress positions
Fear Play
Ball busting
Harsh CP
Extreme Foods
Creative pain infliction
Consensual Blackmail

By stepping through the door, you consent to being my toy! Be aware that I do not allow a ’safe word’, I do not provide relief & I certainly will not grant you any mercy! I will toy with you until I have had my fill, your desires & needs are of no consequence to me.

I only entertain and attend sessions that interest and amuse me. Be prepared to be rejected if your scenario is humdrum &/or stereotypical. I am a specialist.

You wouldn’t order a Big Mac from a Michelin Star restaurant! Connoisseurs only!

Standard session fees are £150 per hour.

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  1. by Paula

    My ideal scenario is as a maid in a strict hogtie, with elbows tied to prevent movement, my head fitted with a harnessed ballgag and a hood which only has two nose holes. Whilst in this predicament I see myself taking a foot beating, crying out, struggling in my bonds but to no avail.

  2. by tightneckcape


  3. by Simironk8

    what ages do you cater to

  4. by slutsadie

    Hi there mistress
    I seen on your videos a long while ago you sewing a Zip onto a sissy sub and Zipping the sissy cock and balls away to make it look like a pussy. Would you be up for doing this to me? And you could film it.
    Maybe have mistress rouge there too?
    Sadie xxxx

  5. by croma

    You are a very exciting woman a pity that I live very far

  6. by Mizzkrina

    I recently caught my son in law sniffing through my laundry basket, I have said anything to anyone else but I told him he will need to do something for me for redemption, maybe 2hrs at maesta Morgans pleasure would be an option?

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